Butterfly&CO is actively conscious and responsible



Butterfly&CO is a company that works in the professional world to transform relationships and organizations towards more humanity, more autonomy, more health and performance.
Like our clients, we are on our way as a societal actor.
We dare to be the company of tomorrow! 

We are actively developing our CSR dimension in order to contribute more to societal and environmental issues and to take our responsibility seriously.


Being actors in our business operations:

  • We are working to obtain BCorp certification. This process challenges us and stimulates us to look at how we operate on 5 major dimensions (Governance, Employees, Community, Customers, Environment) in our current configuration and also with improvement objectives. This process invites us to transform ourselves.
  • We are active members of the association The Shift, a meeting point for sustainable development in Belgium. We put our time and skills at the service of the association and its members.


Being actors in our interventions:

  • We develop our interventions in the non-market sector:
    • We actively collaborate with Cool@School, an association of coaches which, like us, has set itself the mission of developing emotional and relational skills from elementary school onwards, by accompanying the teaching staff and the school management. http://coolatschool.be.
    • We intervene as a team with establishments that take care of people with disabilities to support them in their collective functioning.
    • Individually, our coaches give their time to accompany organizations or individuals free of charge.
  • We donate all proceeds from our events to associations that are close to our hearts, such as, in 2018, "Ensemble et différents", an association in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence that brings together people with and without disabilities.
  • We believe in the power of autonomy, we intervene in our missions to teach our clients to fish rather than give them fish. We animate communities to feed collective intelligence. It's about densifying and expanding the transformation movement towards tomorrow's world.


Innovating with Scholarshift:

  • We are proud to have created in 2021 the Scholarshift fund in order to offer our interventions in an expanded way to actors with limited financial means.
  • The principle of operation is that each actor in the system takes its share in a co-financing :
    • The financial resources come from Butterfly&CO, the team's coaches, current clients, prospects or partners with whom we work.
    • The winners of the fund, in addition to their ability to demonstrate a complete and motivated file, finance part of their journey.
  • The fund is managed by an allocation board that includes executives from outside Butterfly&CO.
  • The funds are used:
    • either co-finance participants in Butterfly&CO's school programs (primarily Shiftmaker and Personal Vision Quest).
    • or to enable interventions in the non-profit sector.










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